Ortrans Fee Policy

We decided to dedicate a whole web page to our company’s fee policy, since it’s no secret that the cost of services is a priority for most individual and corporate clients.



Let’s try and break down what the cost of a translation is comprised of, and thereby see how our company manages to offer our clients affordable and attractive prices.


The first part of the price is, of course, the labor cost of the translator. The golden rule that "a good translation is expensive" still applies, because translators with a good education and professionals with specialized knowledge are always valued, always in demand, and, as a rule, know the real price of their work.


So how do we bring prices down to a comfortable, competitive level for our business partners while maintaining the high quality of translation?

  • We hire translators from the countries whose native tongue is the target language of the translation. For example, translation from English into Russian should be done by Russian professionals, and translation from and into Hebrew should ideally be done (for both professional and economic reasons) by Israeli translators. The amount of translators working in their native country is significantly greater than in other countries, which ultimately positively affects the price of the translation.


  • Today there is almost no real difference between a large translation agency with large facilities and several dozen employees, and a translation agency with just two or three employees. A large work force, expensive rent, and funds spent on advertising significantly raise the price of translations without raising the quality. Practically all translation agencies use contract (freelance) translators, keeping their information in company databases. Thus, the "piggy bank" of a small translation agency may end up having a much greater and better variety of translators than a large translation bureau. So if quality is the same across the board, why pay more?


  • We constantly work with our translators to reach ideal rates for our clients. This in turn makes our agency competitive in the translation/editing market.

We are able to select the perfect translator to match your project needs in terms of the field of translation you are looking for, your budget, and your deadlines.

However, it is important to note that price cannot be brought down to the detriment of quality. So you won’t find here the absurdly low rates that translation agencies can offer when they hire unprofessional translators.


Please take advantage of the project inquiry form, contact us by phone, or email us directly at the address provided.

We’re sure that our proposed rates will be pleasantly surprising, and the quality of translation will make you our long-term client.


If the client wishes and the translator agrees, we can provide the resume of the translation specialist who will be handling your project. That way you can see for yourself that his or her professional background is a perfect match to your project needs.


We hold no secrets from our clients. The only unsolved mystery with Ortrans may be the level of professionalism and care that our clients receive from our representatives.