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Document translation is a special niche. It refers to the translation of personal documentation, but not just that. In many cases, document translation is also connected to notary and apostille certification.


How is document translation by a translation company different from that of a notary? In many cases, notaries order translations from translators whom they work with on a regular basis. When the translation is completed, they notarize it. In some cases, notaries perform translations themselves. It is important to note that prices for document translation, even by experienced translators, are several times lower than for notary services. In Israel, this is related to the prices established for notarial services by the Israel Notaries Association.

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We recommend you avoid working with translation agencies offering translation and notarization services at very low prices. In these cases, the translation agency usually certifies translations itself with a notary’s stamp, but without their direct participation.


Our company performs document translation and works directly with notaries to certify them. You may also use your own notary to certify a translation. Reasonable prices and high-quality translations make our services in this field highly competitive.


In Israel, translation certification can only be performed by a notary public who speaks the document’s source and target languages. In some cases, notarization of the translator’s signature is permitted, but Israeli notaries will generally refuse to notarize documents unless they understand the source and target texts.


If needed, and with the notary’s approval, we can provide a certificate of translation on the company’s letterhead. This service is free of charge.


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