Legal Translations

 Many experts in the field believe that legal translations are some of the most challenging in the translation business for several reasons:

YUridicheskij perevod 1 - Legal translation

  • The field of jurisprudence entails a wide range of specific areas of knowledge which are characterized by differentiation and specialization. Just as a lawyer typically specializes in a narrow field such as, for instance, labor disputes or the celebration of a contract, a legal translator also has his or own specialization. Each country has its own laws and legal structures, which places certain limitations on the capabilities of a single translator when working on a legal text. Legal translation also demands the familiarity with complex legal jargon and terminology. These texts are written with a unique language and style. In the US, for instance, there is even a name for that “language” – legalese.
  • In the overwhelming majority of cases, legal translations require not only a linguistic but also a post-secondary legal education.
  • Legal translations call for a high level of responsibility and accuracy, and require a second or even third proofreading of the text due to what may be at stake if a mistake in translation is made.
  • A comprehensive legal translation includes additional services: the apostilization, legalization, and notarization.

Ortrans is interested in long-term, reliable collaboration with its clients. Therefore, when it comes to legal translations, we rely on the services provided by the absolute most experienced translators and editors specializing in jurisprudence, as well as lawyers with translation experience.

What do we translate?

For legal entities, companies, legal and notary agencies, as well as independent attorneys and notaries:

  • All types of contracts
  • Certificates, test protocols, official statements and testimonial certificates
  • Power of attorney
  • Licenses
  • Corporate documents (founding, commercial, registration)
  • Tender bids and proposals
  • Regulatory legal acts
  • Legal literature
  • Financial documents (statements, business plans, accounting documentation)
  • And much more…


For Individuals

  • Translation of personal documents
    • Passports
    • Identification cards
    • Work record books
    • Documentation pertaining to education
    • Various certificates (birth, marriage, death, etc.)
    • Academic transcripts
    • Diplomas
    • Statements
    • And much more…
  • Apostils
  • Notarizations
  • Translation and drafting of resumes

We can also provide our individual and business clients with legal interpretation services (for formation of contracts with foreign business partners, participation in legal processes, etc.) by prior agreement.

yuridicheskij perevod 2 - Legal translation

Discounts offered to Ortrans clients:

  • Over 50 pages – 5%
  • Over 100 pages – 10%
  • Over 200 pages – from 15% and up, depending on the volume of the text

Special discount rates are available for permanent clients!

We hope that the quality of our translations, in conjunction with reasonable rates and high quality customer service will serve as the basis for long-term, mutually-beneficial collaboration with our business partners.

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