Localization (website translation)


Localization occupies a special niche in the translation field. Translators working in localization need to have more than significant translation experience. They must also be able to use special software that allows them to translate the content of a website mixed with programming code.


Website translations can be performed either in the translator’s normal working environment (a text editor), or by using special programs known as CAT-tools. These programs preserve source file formats that cannot be translated in a normal text format. They also preserve tags, or function words – the website’s programming code. That, in turn, allows the original design and functionality of the website to be preserved in the translated version as well.


lokalizatsiya 72 - Localization (website translation)

At our company, website translations are performed by professional translators who have the skills and experience required. We can offer services from experienced translators in medical, technical, legal, and other fields based on the client’s needs.


If you are building your website from the ground up, we also offer services in copywriting (composing texts) and rewriting (changing already existing texts with a set uniqueness percentage), proofreading, and editing. We also partner with experienced website builders (web designers, desktop publishing specialists) who can build you the perfect website, based on your parameters, at a very attractive price.


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