Medical Translation Services in Israel 

Professional medical translation, Hebrew, English, Russian languages

Medical translation holds a special place in the world of translation. It is vital to note that this kind of translation must stand up to very high expectations, because at times the health and even the life of an individual may depend on an accurately translated text.

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All medical translators must meet the following requirements:

  • In-depth, professional knowledge of the medical or pharmacological field of the proposed translation project
  • High level of responsibility for the accuracy and the quality of the translation
  • Great attention paid to detail and nuance during proofreading and editing stages

Our company has extensive experience when it comes to medical translations. Ortrans translators have participated in major medical projects, starting from translating popular science literature and informed consent forms, to major scientific publications on specific fields in medicine, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical science.

Ortrans seeks long-term collaboration with all clients. This is the reason why we only hire tried and true professional translators with a medical education, and for scientific articles, monographs, dissertations, etc., we hire science professionals as well. At the same time, we offer our clients respectable rates and an attractive discount system.

What do we translate?

Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics

  • Instructions/directions for intake of medications
  • Results of medical trials and medication tests
  • Clinical and pre-clinical research reports
  • Information for doctors and patients
  • Quality control documents
  • Labels found on medications
  • Pharmaceutical literature
  • Pharmacology and medical websites
  • Information on healing methods/medicines intended for medical professionals

Clinical Research

  • Informed consent forms
  • Clinical research contracts
  • Research protocols
  • Research brochures
  • Pre-clinical trial reports
  • Individual registration cards and application forms
  • Clinical trial reports

Medical literature and Science articles

  • Popular science and medical articles
  • Conference materials and reports
  • Manuals and reference books
  • Education and methodology literature for practicing doctors and students
  • Dissertations, abstracts, and monographs

For our individual clients

  • Medical history
  • Statements
  • Epicrises
  • Laboratory test results
  • Surgery protocol
  • Expert opinions

We also offer our permanent individual and business clients consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services (for symposium and conference presentations, meetings, agreements and contracts made with foreign clients) by prior arrangement.

meditsinskij perevod 2 1 - Medical translation services in Israel

Discounts offered to Ortrans clients:

  • Over 50 pages – 5%
  • Over 100 pages – 10%
  • Over 200 pages – from 15% and up, depending on the volume of the text

Special discount rates are available for permanent clients!

We hope that the quality of our translations, in conjunction with reasonable rates and high-quality customer service will serve as the basis for long-term, mutually-beneficial collaboration with our business partners.


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