Technical Translation

 Technical translation holds a special place in the world of translation. It is unique in that it typically originates from a very focused and narrow original text, and must adhere to  requests put forth by the client regarding the qualities, specialization, accepted terminology, and other factors that are accepted by the client company or organization.

tehnicheskij perevod 1 - Technical translation

Technical translations are quite different from any other type of translation, having their own language and terminology, and often including many figures, charts, and graphs. More often than not, the volume of a typical technical translation project is large. The nature of the work itself, along with the short deadlines, often calls for the collaboration of several translators, plus a proofreader who assures that the final text has consistent terminology and style. In some cases computer tools can be used for consistency purposes, but even then it is recommended that a human proofreader check the final text to make sure that it reads like one cohesive whole.

What do we translate?

  • Instructions
  • Manuals (assembly, installation, repair, use)
  • Standards
  • Specifications
  • Certificates
  • Technical passports
  • Equipment and material catalogues
  • Company and organization websites

tehnicheskij perevod 2 - Technical translation

You can be absolutely sure that your project will be handled not only by a professional translator (our company simply does not do business with non-professionals), but by a professional who specializes in a narrow technical field and who fully meets all of the needs of your project.

We can also offer our business and individual clients interpreting services for technical interpretation (as needed for arranging contracts/agreement with international partners, assisting foreign specialists, etc.) by prior arrangement.

tehnicheskij perevod 6 - Technical translation

Discounts offered to Ortrans clients:

  • Over 50 pages – 5%
  • Over 100 pages – 10%
  • Over 200 pages – from 15% and up, depending on the volume of the text

Special discount rates are available for permanent clients!

We hope that the quality of our translations, in conjunction with reasonable rates and high quality customer service will serve as the basis for long-term, mutually-beneficial collaboration with our business partners.


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