Typesetting is essentially the translation of handwritten documents, and/or audio and video files, to an electronic text format.


A typesetter enters handwritten text into a text editor. For audio and video files, they listen to their contents and transcribe them in Word or other text editors based on the client’s needs.


So, when is typesetting generally required? For instance, when your grandfather’s handwritten memoirs or your aunt’s poetry need to be arranged for publication. In the case of audio and video files (the term “decryption of audio and video files” is also used), typesetting is generally used to transcribe court proceedings, a lecture, etc.

woman typing writing windows - Typesetting

Requirements of the typesetter:

  • Excellent command of touch-typing skills and high typing speed
  • Possess special software for deciphering sometimes difficult to read texts or illegible handwriting, or for listening to poor-quality audio recordings
  • Perseverance, responsibility, and meticulous work (to extract information from poor-quality recordings, the same fragment must be listened to many times)


In some cases, texts require special formatting (for instance, numbered lines and timecodes for courts). Typeset texts are often subsequently translated into another language.


Sometimes clients need an audio recording translated. To produce an accurate translation, the recording should be carefully transcribed first before it can be translated. Unfortunately, a “live” translation from the audio recording will lead to numerous text losses and is generally not a practice among professional translators.


To order typesetting services (audio and video transcription services) please leave your information on our contact form, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


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